10 Things to Always Avoid on a First Date

10 Things to Always Avoid on a First Date

Dating can be exciting, but it can also be very nerve-wracking. When you head out onto your first date with someone that you just recently met, be it online or in person, it can present fascinating new opportunities to get to know someone that you are romantically interested in.

However, first impressions are everything and you might not ever see the other person again if you manage to screw up the first date beyond repair. If you are nervous about an upcoming date and want to know how to make a good first impression, make sure that you know all the things you SHOULD NOT DO in order to ensure a successful time:

1. Be late.

This is a pretty obvious red flag in anyone's book and you should definitely make it a priority to not only show up on time but to be early. If this means leaving a half-hour earlier than it would normally take to arrive late to a first date. If you do, you had better have some sort of good excuse for it.

2. Take your date somewhere super expensive.

Unless both of you are top-notch lawyers, doctors, or some other sort of lofty profession, it is a good idea to avoid going to a place that's incredibly high-end. First dates should be about having fun and getting to know each other rather than just flaunting your wealth and status. Plus, if you somehow accidentally end up with an opportunist, they could take advantage of the fact that you are basically giving them free meals.

3. Take your date somewhere incredibly cheap.

This too is a pretty obvious red flag. You should want to take your date somewhere nice, but your date should not take place at a McDonald's or Burger King. Your date certainly won't think highly of that decision!

4. Bring up your past relationships.

This is a really bad move that too many people make far too often. You should be focused on your current date rather than who you have dated in the past. If you talk too longingly about your exes, your date will get the clear sign that you are not over your exes and will assume that they are some sort of rebound date. If you talk about how relationships went sour way too easily, you might be hinting at the possibility of being a bad boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. Talk too much about your personal problems.

While it can be nice to vent every once in a while, you should save those conversations for another time. Your first date is supposed to be about having fun and enjoying each other's company, but someone who talks endlessly about their own personal woes and troubles will surely just put a damper on the mood. It might be okay to mention something about how you're still having trouble paying off your car or how your next college exam is really stressing you out, but you are on a hot date, not a therapy session.

6. Not let your date have any room to talk.

Remember that the purpose of a date is for both parties to get to know each other, not for one person to just babble on endlessly about themselves. While it is certainly great to talk about yourself, you should always give your date enough room to speak and share his or her own opinions. Chances are that they have just as much to say as you do and are more than willing to share their thoughts.

7. Be too much of a show-off.

You want to look and act nice, but you certainly don't want to overdo it and make your date feel uncomfortable. People who are too showy tend to over-exaggerate their qualities will come across as arrogant and boastful. This also can lead them to be taken advantage of by people who will want to use them in order to get free dinners at an expensive restaurant.

8. Drink too much alcohol.

Sure, a bit of alcohol can help loosen you up and make the night go a lot more smoothly but be very careful of taking in too much. As anyone knows, an excessive amount of alcohol will not only make you reek of beer but can negatively impair your actions and behavior. If you're incredibly unlucky, you might end up doing something that will make a very terrible first impression on your date. It's fine if both of you want to go to a bar and have some fun, but be sure to know your limits and not step over your boundaries.

9. Talk about your preferences in a guy or a girl.

Now this one can come across as very awkward. While most people generally know this isn't a good subject to begin a date with, many people still strikeout by bringing this up. It doesn't matter if you want to mention that you prefer blondes to brunettes, even if your date is blonde, it will still feel weird. If they don't match your preferences, something. If they do match your preferences, it might come across as being too forward or fetishization.

10. Talk about controversial topics.
Discussing your stand on finances, religion, the future, or politics may be important for some but not to everyone—don’t bring them up on the first date. It can lead to arguments and uncomfortable moments if the two of you don’t exactly see eye to eye. Remember, you might be looking for a life-long partner, but this is putting the cart ahead of the horse. You should think of more exciting and insightful topics. Avoid topics that could lead to arguments, instead, get to know your date. 

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