4 Easy Ways to Save Energy

How to save energy

Saving energy doesn't have to mean sacrificing everything convenient in your life. It is true that many conveniences rIse up energy, but that's life and we cannot avoid them all. The one thing you can do is make sure that you use them properly.

This article outlines four simple ways that you can save energy.

1. Take shorter showers

We all know that we can save water by taking showers instead of baths, but if you take extra long showers, you might begin wasting energy instead of water. Showers are Lunder the running water for too long. You don't want to waste energy or water, so do what you have to do and get out. This doesn't mean you need to time yourself 

2. Lower the heat

You want to be cozy indoors during the cold months, but the heat is often set higher than it needs to be. Lowering the heat by a few degrees can save you quite a bit of money as well as energy. If you don't want to lower the heat because of draft issues, it would be better to have a fixed draft up to continue blasting the heat.

Covering drafts will save you money in the long-run as you won't need to blast the heat constantly to keep it warm inside. Turn off the heat when you leave the house. If no one is home, then it's simply wasted energy.

3. Unplug and shut down

If an item is plugged in, it still uses energy, even if it's not being used. If you rarely use an appliance, unplug it. You can plug it in when you need to use it. The extra effort is really worth it to save a few dollars. If you unplug all items that aren't used very often, the savings will really add up. Don't forget to turn things off when you're not using them.

Don't leave the computer on all day long just so you can see when new emails come in. Turn off the computer and TV when you're not actively using them. Don't forget to turn off lights when you leave a room and turn off the tap when you're not using the water. If you have several devices, try to buy power strips as they not cost much money and turn off those devices by just turning off the switch.  These little changes make a big difference.

4. Open windows

When the house is warm in the summer, open up the windows before you automatically switch on the air conditioner. The air-conditioner might be quick and relieve you of the exhausting heat quickly, but it will use more energy than need be. First cool down the house by opening the windows. 

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