5 Tips Anyone Can Use to Create a Solid Morning Routine

Ways to make your mornings productive

Start your days off right, and it will be easier to put things together, no matter what you want to accomplish. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an artist putting together a gallery, a good morning will make it easier to get your tasks down and crossed off the to-do list.

Here are 5 tips to make a routine that will ensure you're ready for a good day's work from the moment you wake up:

1. Disconnect Before Bed

Sometimes, the best way to make sure you wake upright is to go to sleep right. Nothing reduces the quality of your rest quite like spending your last waking hours focused on electronics. Give yourself an hour to disconnect before bed. Put away your phone, tum off the television, and shut Dawn the computer

2. Respect Your Alarm

There is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the snooze button when your alarm wakes you from your restful slumber. However, it's also a terrible idea. You cannot make the first choice of the day one that says you don't want to work. You need to embrace the morning with open arms. It's tough, but it's what you need to do.

3. Wake Up to a Clean House

Before you settle in for the night, make sure that everything is ordered when you wake up. It's hard to get up and get going when the first thing that hits you is yesterday's responsibilities. Make sure everything is cleaned up, so your first thought is on your to-do list, not on the dishes.

4. Prepare for Your Morning

The main problem people face when first waking up is orientation. You're still sleepy, your energy is still ramping up, but you have things to do. The best thing you can do for yourself is to reduce the friction involved starting your morning. Laying out your clothes is a good example. Another thing you can do is prepare your breakfast ahead of time so all you need to do is to heat it up. Every little bit helps.

5. Keep Your Morning Routine Simple

Nothing keeps your momentum from building up in the morning like a big task first thing. While there is merit in taking on the toughest objectives first, those objectives are best left for when you're fully awake and ready. Your morning routine should be quick and more importantly, easy. The simpler it is, the less overwhelmed you will feel when you wake.

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