6 Qualities That Make You Resilient

Everyone meets challenges, but some cope better than others because they are resilient. They have qualities less hardy folks don't enjoy. If you want to handle stumbling blocks with ease, consider building the following traits of robust people.



A sense of self-worth will protect you from critical verbal blows. You'll take constructive criticism on board without getting defensive and cast unhelpful disapproval aside when you know you are valuable. Your self-esteem will improve if you adopt helpful habits. One is to stop comparing yourself to others and realize no one is better than you. They may be skilled in different areas but have others that aren't superior in value. You can also audit up, soothe it with kindness as though it's your best friend. As a result, your self-worth will rise.



Resilient people are flexible. When setbacks occur and they have to wait before making headway or changing direction, they aren't phased. They alter their course and set sail on the route the wind will carry them along with most easily. Instead of resisting changes forced by setbacks, look for the new paths life offers you and consider how they might be advantageous. If you bend with the weather of life, you won't snap.


Emotional intelligence

Emotionally intelligent people can imagine other's points of view and feelings. Rather than thinking the world's against them when difficulties arise, they seek to gain understanding. They also have a high level of self-awareness and actively work on self-development to rid themselves of negative thinking patterns. Your resilience will grow if you mentally step in the shoes of people with whom you clash. When you see things from their point of view, you will understand their motives and have room for compassion. Identifying unhelpful thought patterns and learning not to sink into negativity will strengthen you too.



Resilient people accept what they can't alter rather than fighting difficulties. They know sometimes they can't have what they want, and they make the best of what's available instead of becoming unhappy. Most importantly, they realize they can change their perspective and be content no matter what happens. Acceptance will enhance your resilience if applied at the right time. When you detect the impossibility of changing your situation, alter your mindset instead. Make the challenge you face acceptable and learn from it to increase understanding.

Communication skills boost resilience, aiding self-expression and the ability to negotiate well. Good communicators can explain their needs and wish clearly and cope with difficult people. Their canny way with words helps them manage their relationships and surround themselves with a supportive network of friends.

To be a better communicator, pay attention to body language and listen attentively to what people say. If you avoid distracting thoughts, you can keep your mind on the present and focus on what you hear. At the same time, tell others what's on your mind if it's important to you rather than holding back until you become anxious.



Patience aids resilience since it gives people time to absorb information and see the big picture rather than jumping to conclusions and reacting negatively to events. If you're patient, you'll gain wisdom via observing situations as they unfold. No doubt, your mental health will also be good because you won't get stressed easily.

Your patience will increase if you practice mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness can aid present moment awareness and stop you from rushing full steam ahead and making mistakes. If you're feeling impatient, take deep, low breaths, and focus on the process of breathing until tension trades.



People who see the funny side of life are more laid back and less prone to anxiety than those who are serious all the time. Humor eases stress and helps them gain a wide perspective. They can also laugh off small mishaps instead of taking them to heart. Watch comedy shows and relax more if you want to increase your humor. 


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