6 Secret Ways to Get the Job

This article will give your readers nine unique and advanced strategies to getting the job of their dreams. They will learn tips beyond just searching help wanted ads, such as how to use social media the right way, conducting cold mail campaigns and deciding what they want from the job before they begin the search.

You're sending out resume after resume in response to job ads and not getting so much as a form email back. Frustration city! So how can you change the odds and get more interviews (and eventually offers) for the job of your dreams? Read on for super-secret, super-advanced strategies to finding a great gig.


Tip #1: Use Social Media the Right Way

Just creating a profile on Facebook and/or Twitter is not enough. It's a start, and you may well get an offer that way if you have a good enough background, but more than likely, it won't do anything. It's up to you to search for leads on social media and contact people when appropriate. One strategy that can be helpful is joining a job-related Facebook group. Or let folks know you are looking for a gig on these job boards. Searching hashtags on Twitter, like #jobs or a help, wanted, or following a company you want to work for is another good idea. Never pester people on social media. Do not send out a million tweets begging for work. This will only turn people off. However, you can send out the occasional tweet that you are on a job search.

Also, post good content. Make people want to follow you. If you are humorous or intelligent, someone may notice and it may lead to, at the very least, a freelance gig. On LinkedIn, try sending a private email to someone who is hiring, but only if you have a connection to them.


Tip #2: Tell Everyone You Are Looking

The more people who know you are looking, the better of a chance you have of being hired. Who can you tell that you are searching for a job? Former co-workers, former bosses, family, friends, acquaintances, service providers, former clients. Make a list of everybody you have had contact with in the past five years. Do not be shy and do not be ashamed, but do not beg. Just explain you are looking for a new opportunity and you wondered if they know of any. Offer to take them out to lunch or a cup of coffee. Apologize for not being in touch for so long. And if someone does not get back to you, don't take it personally. Also, follow up if you don't hear back. People get busy.


Tip #3: Conduct a Cold Mail Campaign

Research 50 companies you like and think might hire you. Send them to cover letters and resumes expressing your desire to work for them. You may have to send out 100 or more of these but if it results in one interview, it is worth it. Also, by sending the letters out before they realize they need someone, you are cutting out a lot of your competition. Use regular letters and not emails for these letters have a better chance of being noticed as well since they are not as common in this day and age.


Tip #4: Decide What You Want

You have to think about your wants as well, if you are looking for the job of your dreams. When do you want to work? What type of job are you looking for? What pay? What are your negotiables and non-negotiables? If you write this down early on, it'll help you focus and decide between job offers later on down the line.

Tip #5: Get Less Fussy

By the same token, you don't want to be so focused on your desires that you say no or don't consider jobs that may be diamonds in the rough. Say you want to be an assistant at a book publishing company. That's a hard job to get. You could also look for assistant jobs at literary agencies or magazines or other related companies, with the idea that you will switch over later on to book publishing. Consider other jobs that are similar to your line of work and apply for them as well. Sometimes, you need to cast a wide net. You might need to retrain for another gig or take a job in a different geographic area, or just think about a long commute.

Tip #6: Revise Your Resume and/or Cover Letter

If no fish are biting, then maybe the bait isn't enticing enough. Have a professional look over your resume and cover letter and see if they couldn't use some improvement. It's a cliche, but you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Also, make copies of your resume and cover letter in different formats (PDF, Microsoft Word), as different employers have different requirements. A copy of your resume should also be placed on your website, but
without identifying information (like address and phone number). If you don't want to (or can't afford to hire a professional), at least read some books on creating a better resume. 

When you finally get the chance by being invited to an interview, do not underestimate the power of preparing for your job interview. You may read some tips and warnings to take into consideration, by reading a blog entitled, "7 Interviewing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur".


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