6 Simple Steps to A Beautiful Flower Garden

Many people believe that they don't have the ability to grow beautiful flowers, but this is rarely the case. Most beginning gardeners simply don't understand the preparation necessary for beautiful flowers.

When it comes to growing flowers, taking the appropriate steps is the way to get the best results. Follow these 6 simple steps and you will find that you can successfully plant and maintain a gorgeous garden that you will enjoy all season.


Make A Plan

It's tempting to just buy some flowers and put them in the ground, but you will find planning well worth the trouble. Research a few plants that will grow well in your area and in the space you have designated. Talk to someone at a local nursery for ideas. Consider how large your plants will grow. If your space is against a fence, you will want taller plants in the back and shorter plants in front. If your flower garden will be in the middle of your yard, but larger plants in the center with smaller plants around them.


Mix Annuals and Perennials

Perennials will come up every year but will probably not be at their best until the second or third season. You will have to plant new annuals each season, but they will grow quickly. You may also want to consider blooming time for your plants. Mix flowers that bloom at different times to make sure you always have color in your garden. Make a list of your decisions and draw a rough diagram of your plan.


Prepare The Soil

Once you have selected your gardening space, mark it off with spray paint or string tied to sticks. Then dig up the dirt in the center of the space. You can use a tiller or do this by hand. Make sure the dirt is loose and airy rather than packed down hard. It's a good idea to add topsoil to the regular dirt in your yard. You can buy varieties with fertilizer already added, or you can add your own. Check with your gardening center to see if they recommend you add anything else to the soil for a different acidity level or for nutrients.


Build a Border

You will want some type of border around your flower garden. This makes your space easier to care for by protecting it from weeds and creating a solid barrier to grass. buy small decorative borders at your local hardware store or nursery. These are typically installed by placing them in a trench around your garden. You can also make your own border out of wood, concrete blocks, stones, or stacked pieces of broken concrete.


Buy Plants

You can either start with seeds or with live plants. Consider starting seeds indoors to get a head start on the season. You can also plant your seeds directly in the soil. Use netting to keep birds from eating your seeds and seedlings.

When you look at live plants, pay more attention to the leaves than the blooms. Blooming uses a lot of energy that would be best used after planting. Choose plants with lush, brightly colored leaves. Avoid dry or scraggly leaves. Look for plants with buds and new growth. Also, beware of leaves with dark or pale spots because this can be a sign of disease. Holes in the leaves may indicate an insect infestation.

Ask your nursery when they get new plants delivered. Some garden centers only get one delivery for the season, so you will not be buying fresh plants unless you shop in early spring.


Follow Planting Instructions

Do not overlook the instructions on the plants. Following instructions can simplify tasks, increase effectiveness, eliminate confusion, and save time. Not to mention, it makes for a safer building process. But instruction-following also has some added benefits. For one, when instructions are properly followed, planting works well — and plants grow well.


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