6 Tips For Maximizing Your Bike Lock’s Effectiveness

 Using a bike lock is the best way to keep a bicycle safe. However, the possibility of theft still remains. A lock must be used effectively, so as to minimize the chances of theft. This article provides eight detailed tips on the proper use of a bike lock.

Using a bike lock might seem straightforward and easy, but every year many bikes are stolen despite being locked up. While the risk of bike theft cannot be entirely avoided, in most cases the real issue is that the bike owner has not taken the proper precautions. If you own a bike, learning how to correctly use your bike lock is crucial. Here are eight practical tips that will help minimize the odds your bicycle is taken.

1. Attach to a solid, immovable, secure object. Naturally, the best choice for locking up is a bike rack. However, a bike rack may not be available everywhere and a pole is not the best choice, since a thief can lift the entire bike over the top. Even a signpost can be targeted since the sign portion can often be removed.


2. Choose a safe area. Thieves are always more likely to strike if there is a low chance of detection. Try to lock up your bike in well-lit, public areas, preferably with is oftentimes a good choice, as is a spot right in front of perfect spot might be impossible, spend at least a little time searching for the safest nearby space.


3. Lock your bicycle up with other bikes. There are a couple of reasons for employing this tactic. First, of all, a spot already stocked with bikes is likely to be relatively secure. Secondly, thieves will opt for the softest target. The more bikes there are surrounding yours, the less likely your bicycle will be the easiest pickings.


4. Use multiple locks. While one lock may be fine on its own, extra protection certainly can't hurt. Two locks will make it that much harder for a thief to make off with your bike. The time it would take to get through a second lock may be enough to dissuade a potential thief.


5. Memorize your lock combination. The best bike safety possible won't be worth much if you can't remember your combination. While it might seem obvious, many folks overlook this most basic step. If you're afraid you might forget your combination, consider writing it down on a scrap of paper you keep in your pocket or storing the number on your cell phone.


6. Remove valuable accessories. When you leave your bike, take with you items such as lights and speedometers- even the seat, if possible. Besides keeping your valuables safe, this strategy will lessen the overall worth of your bike, making its theft a less attractive proposition to potential robbers.


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