Advertising Online: How to Get More Sales and Conversions

Tips to get more sales and conversions

If you want to get more conversions and sales with your online advertising, you need the right strategy. If you use the wrong marketing tactics, you Could lose opportunities for yourself and your business both now and going forward. You can also contact consulting agencies in Dubai for their business offers that might interest you.

There are certain markers of a great ad that work nearly every time. So don't run into common pitfalls. Instead, leverage the best ways to get Success when advertising online.

1. Get Attention

Your ad's first job is to get the attention of your target market or prospects. Today, most people scroll and browse rapidly through their social media feed, email. This leads to wasted time and energy on your part, not to mention the advertising expense. Always make your online ads eye-popping in a novel or unique way. One tried and true method that advertisers have used for decades designing the ad with a bright color scheme that draws the eye in almost involuntarily.

Other strategies include provocative imagery (as long as it is appropriate for your market) and using incredible, strange, or bold statements. Certain tactics leverage general psychology and are applicable to almost every business. This includes statements that induce urgency, such as "Limited Supply Only!" or "Call Now Before the Price Goes Up" or suggestions of getting something for free such as "Call for a Free Quote" or "Sign Up Today and Get a Free Gift."

However, beware of the temptation of using these tricks for the sake of it. Make sure that your ad, from its color palette to its text to the photography you choose, is in line with your core branding messages. For instance, if you are in the market of helping people lose weight, you wouldn't use a photo of a bright orange sports car or a scary GIF animation. While these generate quite a bit of attention, they wouldn't lead to your sales messaging very well. That is why understanding your audience before going to create an ad is key.

2. Spark Interest

Attention is paramount to getting prospects to engage with your advertising. However, it is not enough in and of itself to convert them further down the funnel. After all, you can use compelling statements and flashy imagery to get the attention of virtually anyone. However, your ads need to speak directly to your core market if you want to engage them for long enough to keep them from clicking away. This is where the value of using facts questions, and anecdotes specific to your target customers is essential.

For instance, if you are an insurance provider, consider mentioning how much money you have saved other customers average. If you run a charity, provide a link to a blog about the incredible experience that volunteers can have in your organization and how they helped various communities. If you sell vehicles mention that your brand is more gas efficient than the other options on the market. Building interest, at its core, is about showing the reader how you add value to their lives and why they should continue engaging with your content.

3. Build Desire

At this stage, you've got the attention of your prospect and dropped some interesting elements into the mix. Those reading until they got to the portion of your advertising funnel that builds desire. Desire differs from an interest in that it sparks a deep, emotional want to own something. Logic and reason are best left for the interest-generating portion of your ad above.

Here, it's all about the emotional impulses that people feel when they see and hear the benefits of your product and the consequences of missing out on it. Go into vivid detail about how your product or service can and living their daily routine with its assistance. Invoke the senses as you lead them down this path: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. This will help you build your case for the final portion of your ad: getting them to take action.


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