Businesses You Can Start from Home: Bed and Breakfast Business

How to start a B&B Business

A popular move these days among those who want to venture into the home business is to start a bed and breakfast (B&B). sharing them with strangers, this home business could be right for you. Your home can be located anywhere, at the heart of the city, on the farm or in a rural community.

If your place is warm and welcoming, people will want to stay in private homes offering bed and breakfast not only because of the lower cost but more for the peace and quiet of a home setting. The amount of investment varies according to the alterations needed to convert your home a B&B but it can provide you with a good supplemental income. It can even be your primary means of livelihood depending on the number of guests you can accommodate and how hard you work on the business.

Are you Hospitable? Breakfast is the hospitality of its owners. This means if you want to succeed in this line of business, you must be hospitable and friendly by nature. Consider the other members of your family too.

Will they be comfortable having strangers in your home? Can you count on them to make guests feel welcome and to help out in casework becomes too much for you? You must be the type who enjoys meeting new people and entertaining guests. You should also be open and informative, conversational, and ready to answer questions, even personal ones, from inquisitive guests.

The B&B business owner must be diligent, hardworking, and have a strong work ethic. You will need to wake up early at dawn to prepare breakfast and you may have to stay up late at night seeing to the comfort of your guests. Learning the Ropes There is no special training required to run your own bed and breakfast although it is a big advantage if you had worked in the hospitality industry before. But even if you have not had any previous experience, you will find it easy to pick up the knowledge about the B&B business.

It is a good idea to stay at one of the more popular bed and breakfast places in your area or better yet, go to the next town. Make a careful observation of everything, from the ambiance to the personalized service and the food served.


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