Diver's Buying Guide: Dive Computer

This article details important considerations when purchasing a dive computer. It differentiates between different types of dive computers available. In addition, it highlights the important features of modem dive computers. Note that this article does not specifically review dive computers in the market.

According to the theory of evolution, humans have long since lost the ability to breathe underwater when we lost our gills. As a result, scuba enthusiasts must use a diving tank and dive computer to experience the wonders found beneath the surface of the ocean (check out various diving essentials from Onshore Marine Sports, Dubai). However, the use of diving tanks for our temporary life underwater comes at a cost. Diving tanks are limited in their ability to provide breathable air. Therefore, divers are permitted only a restricted amount of time underwater. The ascent to land following time in the water is fraught with danger in the form of decompression sickness (also known as the bends).

Diving deeper into the unknown depths of the ocean results in the effect of shaking a bottle of soda before opening it. The human body, not equipped for such an event, will have a painful experience, and one that can be fatal. Having the best gear during your underwater journey is critical. Buying the right dive computer can be a matter of life and death.


The Importance of the Dive Computer

An incredibly important piece of equipment for all scuba divers is the dive computer. This handy device can give users more safe bottom time than having to use diving tables to plan their journey. It also is invaluable for avoiding the bends.

You need to ascend at the correct speed and take carefully calculated breaks (known as decompression stops) to go up safely following your underwater experience. It is crucial that you allot enough time and air for this the alternative is spending time in a decompression chamber and hope for the best.

As important as this is, being surrounded by nature's serene beauty makes it difficult to stay alert. It can be nearly impossible to focus on your depth and pressure, as well as manage the time required to ascend and remain air. That is true for both experts and novice divers alike.

Dive computers make life simple. They perform all the complicated calculations automatically and allow you to concentrate on enjoying your diving experience. Dive computers perform required calculations far faster than is humanly possible and without the element of human error.

But it is essential to select a reliable and convenient dive computer. Every scuba diver is different. Therefore, the perfect dive computer is different for everyone. With so many choices in the dive computer market, it can be overwhelming to choose what is best for you. These are crucial questions you need to consider when purchasing your dive computer.


Types of Dive Computers

Dive computers offer the choice between a wrist or console style. Each style of dive computer features its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Wrist dive computers

Wrist dive computers are convenient in that all critical data is accessible directly by looking at your wrist. That makes it easy to access all the essential information quickly, and the location promotes the quick and easy reading of the data. Wrist computers come in two distinct styles. First, the classic design of a wrist dive computer looks like you are wearing a hockey puck on your arm. These watches feature a wide readable screen, which is perfect for the novice diver.
Second, wrist dive computers can also look like regular watches. That allows the user to wear the wrist computer in daily life, without getting strange looks from others. The watch style tends to be more expensive than the traditional dive computer.

Console dive computers

Console dive computers offer an alternative to wrist computers. They attach directly to scuba equipment through a hose. The main advantage of the console dive computer is that they keep all scuba instruments together, which is a nice bonus for divers who prefer a more structured instrumentation setup.


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