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Unsurprisingly, most people want to be happy. Unsurprisingly, people don't always get what they want. But does it have to be that way? Or does our dissatisfaction with our lives have more to do with a lack of thought about what we really want and how best to achieve it?

Ask yourself: what would happiness be like for you? Is it something big and vague like being rich or getting slim or having a great relationship? Does it seem like these things never seem to happen to you? The solution may be that you need to look closer at your desires and ask two simple questions: why? and how? What is it about the dream that would make you happy?

If you long to be rich, what is it about being rich that you think would make you happier? Is it the ability to give gifts or simply not having to worry about bills anymore? If you want to be slim, why? Do you want to be fitter and have more energy, or do you want other people to admire how good you look?

It is important to really probe your desires and get really clear in your head why your goal would make you happy. Be honest with yourself. There may be several reasons, so it is also helpful to rank these to see what is most important to you. How? This is the tricky bit, as how you approach a problem is the single most important factor for success.

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