How to Conquer Stress

How to control the Stress in your Life

Even doctors will agree that a certain amount of stress is actually healthy for us. A proper level of "good" stress helps to keep our brain alert and our hormone levels their optimum. On the other hand, bad stress can cause exhaustion, elevated blood pressure, and in some cases, complete burnout.

Healthy stress might include such things as getting to know a new job, navigating around a new city, planning a major life event such as a wedding or birth, and even simple things like managing the daily budget and family schedules. Unhealthy stress comes from worrying and fretting about those things in life that we really cannot control or stressing over things that may happen when we really have no valid reason to be concerned.

For example, many people worry about the possibility of losing a job, There is an old saying that goes "Don't cry till you bite!" If we could just remember that, we would save ourselves a lot of stress. Daily events that we can't really control, such as traffic congestion or waiting in line often cause our stress levels to elevate.

Diffusing this tendency before it takes control is the best way to keep stress from getting the better of us. To do this, we must first leam to identify those things that cause us the most stress and try to avoid them or work them to our advantage.

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