How to Find the Perfect Apartment

Searching for the great Apartment

Locating an apartment that meets all of your lofty criteria for perfection is not as difficult as it may seem. The process may require you to dedicate a significant amount of time in organization, research, and preparation, but that comfort, security, and priceless moments that await you in the perfect apartment.

Ample preparation will also help you to identify the potential pitfalls of an apartment further on down the road, so that your dream apartment doesn't tum into a nightmare. The question of where to begin can be the most tricky to answer, and will require you to sit down and introspect, thoroughly analyzing exactly what you're looking for by organizing your priorities.

Organize Your Priorities, the perfect apartment.

However, chances are that you will have to compromise in at least one aspect or another. Your Rent and Utilities Budget will be pivotal to your search. It's ok to spend a little more than you expected if the apartment offers tangible benefits like nearby grocery stores and transportation, but the U.S Census Bureau suggests that you spend no more than 30 percent of your income on rent and utilities.

The Work Community is a make-or-break priority for many apartment hunters. A difficult commute can make an otherwise perfect apartment cumbersome after time. Ample Floor Space can be an outright necessity for apartment hunters with children or pets. A Stellar View may not be essential, but many creative individuals prioritize this feature to secure a daily dose of inspiration.

Research the Location

Before or after visiting an apartment that potentially meets your highest criteria it is a good idea to spend some time in the vicinity and scout out some of the cons that may not be apparent with a quick viewing. Loud Noise can come from neighbors, cars parked outside, or a nightclub that you didn't know about. Either way, loud music or noise can cause you to lose sleep or not be able to concentrate on work.

Dining Options can make a neighborhood a pleasure to live in by infusing your daily life with culture and healthy food options. Insulation can be a tricky aspect for an apartment that could be affected both by the quality of the materials that have been utilized and other variables like tree coverage and sun exposure.

Criminal Activity in the area can certainly change your perception of an apartment, so it's a good idea to research the area by talking to locals and visiting the police precinct. The Neighbors will invariably affect your apartment experience, and while you may not truly get to know them until after you've lived by them for a while, it still helps to pay them a quick visit to get their opinion on the above-mentioned topics.

Show Up Prepared

Once you've found an apartment that suits your needs it is time to start talking details with the sales agent or landlord. It is imperative to not rush this process so that all parties involved have a clear perception of what is expected. 


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