How To Get Your Child Interested in Reading

Teaching Your Child to Read

As a parent you can begin to lay the groundwork for teaching your child to read from the moment he or she is born. By talking to your newborn child, reading her stories, singing or reciting to her, you are awakening and developing her language skills at a faster pace than she would develop without this stimulation.

So reading daily to your child is probably one of the important gifts you can give to your her. As she listens to the sound of your voice, all the sounds she hears are stored away to eventually become meaningful words in her environment.

Everybody loves to baby talk to young children and while doing this can be meaningful for both parent and child, it is important that you also use the correct words for people, places, objects and activities. As your child begins to grow and becomes a toddler, repeating reading activities daily will further ensure that your child enjoys reading.

It is important to progress from the alphabet and illustrated books with storylines. This ensures that reading is fun and not a chore. The activity becomes even more fun when your child can read to you. Talking about what you are reading with your child is just as important as reading the actual story.

Engaging in conversations that encourage your child to talk about the stories they love helps develop comprehension skills and also encourages your child to become more articulate. You don't need to stick to books and stories. Children can be encouraged to read everything around them.

The back of the cereal box is a good start. Adverts, billboards and street signs can also make useful reading objects. Ask your child about them and what they say. This can help further develop vocabulary and it is a good idea to help your child learn at least two new words a day.

Creating The Right Environment to Read

If you are worried that your child is not interested in reading, there are many ways to spark their enthusiasm with a little patience and fun. Starting the reading process at the earliest possible age helps reading become second nature to your child. It prevents the activity from becoming a difficult task that lacks pleasure and enjoyment.

If children feel they are being forced to read, then they will grow to dislike it. If your child is struggling with reading, try to make the activity as much fun as possible. It is important to understand what your child likes and dislikes.

It can take some time to find the right kind of books for your child. Does she like fantasy, realistic stories, adventure, poems etc. When you find the right one you can buy books online using our directory with many available library stores.

To keep the activity fun, choose best books to read that will spark your child's interest and enthusiasm. Kids always enjoy a trip to the library or bookstore so be sure to do this regularly so that they can choose their own books.

Children learn by example. If she sees you playing video games or watching TV, this will become the norm for her and she will grow up to imitate you. If you want your child to read, it is important that he sees you reading. Take time to read books, magazines and newspapers.

If you come across anything interesting to your child, point it out to her and discuss it. Once your child has finished with her old books, encourage her to swap with friends and family. Kids love to barter.

This can be a great way to get children talking to their friends about what they are reading. Help your child see organizing her books as fun. This can also be a learning exercise as she discovers how to arrange a book by the alphabet or in order of preference.

Always remember to praise and compliment your child's reading abilities. This helps encourage their efforts and builds their confidence. Praise can increase their enjoyment of reading and if they feel good about reading, they will continue to do it.

How to Teach Reading

Starting the actual process of reading with books can be a challenge.There are several techniques you can use. One of the most used and successful techniques for teaching young children to read is the show and read technique.

This involved you reading to your child while pointing at each word as you read and having your child see the word and repeat it. This method is excellent for helping your child recognize words but also for improving their retention.

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