How to Increase Your Income

Tips to increase your income

 Regardless of how you might feel about it, money is something everyone has to deal with. Modem life offers many advantages, compared to the way people lived long ago. However, these advantages are not free. If you've been wondering how to make more money, you're not alone. Here are some steps you can take to increase your income.

1. Create a Plan

Before doing anything else, you need to create a plan. Having well-defined steps to follow will allow you to track your progress, especially during difficult times. Review this list daily, both before work and at the end of the day. Hold your self accountable for anything that doesn't get done and document the reason why.

2. Know Your Priorities

The "80/20 rule" is a well-known principle which states that 20 percent of the work you do is responsible for 80 percent of your achievements. That 20 percent is what you need to prioritize, if you want to bring in more money. The other 80 percent, as important as it might be, often consists of ideas and side projects that either aren't creating much income or haven't gotten off the ground. Although this work still needs to be taken care of, it's the other 20 percent you should build your day around. If you can delegate or outsource some of that other work, you'll be able to focus on what's most productive.



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