How to Travel the World with Nothing but a 35-Liter Backpack

How to Travel with a 35-Liter Backpack

Do you want to save loads of time, buckets of money, and improve your overall travel experience? Then one of the best things you can do is restrict your luggage to nothing more than a single 35-liter backpack. It may sound rather conservative. However, not only is it completely doable, it will vastly improve the quality of your travel. Read more to find out why.

Advantages to Traveling Light

There are several advantages to traveling with such a light piece of luggage. This means no shock to take advantage of cheap flights and discount airlines - such as Wizz Air - that charge through the nose for carrying the standard, full-size luggage. You'll also have a lot more flexibility and comfort when it comes to moving around between destinations. Large backpacks are heavy and uncomfortable. Suitcases are cumbersome and unwieldy.

However, a small backpack can be worn easily when walking to the bus terminal, or even browsing a museum. A 35-liter backpack makes the logistics of travel so much easier, as you won't need to worry about what's to be done with your luggage; you can simply wear it and go about your day.

Choosing the Right Backpack

Backpack fit and quality are important to account for. A poorly fitting backpack can strain your back and shoulders - not exactly something you want to deal with on vacation! Try on the pack when it's full to make sure it will still be comfortable when heavy. Be on the lookout for models with hip straps; these will transfer the weight to your hips and prevent back strain. What You Should Pack Can you really fit everything you need for a trip into a tiny, 35-liter pack? It's been done before by many travelers, and you can do it too. Use the following tips to pack properly:

Don't pack a towel.

Towels are extremely bulky, and you most likely won't need one, especially if you are planning to stay in hotels, motels, AirBnBs, and other people's homes. Most of the time, such venues will have a towel you can use. If you feel wary of having nothing to towel. You can also use a beach sarong, which packs of small, are lightweight, are cheap to purchase, and can dry you in a pinch.

Bring no more than four shirts.

You don't need an extensive wardrobe. All you need is a few comfortable changes of clothing. Limit yourself to two pairs of pants. Most people car reasonable cycle between two pairs of pants while traveling, packing any more than this is superfluous. Be prepared to wash clothes in the sink. Since you will be packing fewer clothes, you may need to do laundry a few times, depending on the length of your trip.


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