Six Ways to Avoid Boredom While Traveling

How to Stay Active While Traveling

Vacation that lasts more than a week or two, you will probably find yourself with some downtime. As surreal and exciting as a trip seems beforehand, there are always moments where it seems like a perfectly ordinary day even if you're on the other side of the world.

Ordinary days come along with boredom, and that's one thing you probably want to avoid while you're trying to enjoy the trip! Avoiding boredom while traveling isn't always easy, and a bit of it is both inevitable and a good sign, because it means you'll enjoy your active time more.

There's no, however; if you are, here are  ways to help you avoid or overcome boredom on your next trip (or on your current one If you're preparing for a trip or you're staying somewhere with good internet and want to make sure you'll be ready to beat the inevitable boredom, congratulations on your foresight!

1. Audiobooks

You can take advantage of your internet access now and download audiobooks. These can often be more engaging than physical books and leave you free to sightsee while you listen. The other option that helps save space in your bag is to download ebooks. Whether you have a Kindle or an iPad, as long as it's safe to read an ebook where you're traveling, it can keep you entertained for hours.

2. Learn the local language.

Can you buy a language-learning book? Even if you can't, you might see signs in multiple languages nearby, and you can read them and memorize bits and pieces of the local language. If you have access to an iPod, that's even better as there are lots of language-learning podcasts, and you can practice on the locals while you're there. You'll be the center of attention, as many people love helping travelers and new speakers of their language learn it.

3. Delete and edit photos.

For those boring times when you're waiting in an airport, lineup, or hotel lobby, you can spend a bit of time deleting or editing photos. If you haven't yet transferred them to your computer, flick through them on your camera and delete the ones that are obviously truly terrible. If you have already transferred them, it will be easier to sort through good and bad photos, edit the good ones, and perhaps schedule a few to post on your blog.

4. Find a stranger to talk to.

Even if it's out of your comfort zone, talking to a stranger will often feel rewarding afterwards! Pick a stranger to talk to whether it's your waiter, the person next to you on the airplane, or someone in the grocery store where you're getting your groceries. You only have to make one comment to start a conversation, so try complimenting them (not in a creepy way, though!) or asking a question. Even a brief chat can brighten up your day.

5. Go for a long walk.

Maybe you're feeling bored because you're cooped up in your hotel room. If you have some downtime, go for a long walk without aiming to go anywhere in particular. Save the sightseeing for later, just enjoy the moment and see the area on foot. Think twice before wearing your iPod, too; hearing the sounds while you take in the sights is half the fun of this boredom-busting travel activity.

6. Take it in and relax.

Sometimes, what we see as boredom is actually a blessing in disguise - relaxation time. You don't always have to be on the go in order to enjoy your vacation. A little bit of downtime where you don't have people to talk to, places to go, or things to see can be very healing. When you're off from your usual friends and you can't bring every hobby overseas with you, it can be difficult to Sustain an interesting few weeks (or even a few days) of vacation time. These six ways to avoid boredom while traveling will help you get through the inevitable downtime and enjoy every minute of your trip!


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