Stay Safe While Travelling the World

How to Stay Safe While Travelling the World

Travelling around the world to far-flung reaches of the globe can be a truly soul-enriching experience. But as inspiring as experiencing other cultures and seeing exotic sights is, it isn't always as safe as we might hope. Here a few dangers and things to look out for when you take off. Learn a few phrases in matters of safety but buying things, bartering, and just generally having a great time on your trip!

Local people won't care about silly mistakes you make, but will usually respond well to your efforts. So, download a language app and learn a few phrases that will help you if you get lost, for example.


When it comes to cities, particularly big cities, make sure you know before which areas are safe and which areas are best avoided. Ask around on travel forums and read about your destination. To make extra certain of your information, ask at your accommodation for any advice about where and more importantly for safety, where not to go.

If you're a westerner travelling in Asia, you're going to stand out. That doesn't mean that every offer of friendship should be regarded as a sly move to relieve you of your belongings, but just be mindful. In most cases, people are genuine and mean you no harm, but be alert.

Keep an eye on your stuff

It's easy when travelling around from place to place, feeling ultra chilled and completely well with the world, to get a little too relaxed about your belongings. Leaving bags on or under tables, unattended phones and tablets on tables while you go and order coffee, could be a big mistake. Thankfully, there are still many places, even big cities, where you could actually do that and be in very little fear of anything going astray, but that shouldn't stop you keeping a discreet eye on your stuff.

Be cautious of ATMS Avoid ATMs if you can as they can be rigged to copy your card details. If you do use one, keep an eye on your balance for the next month or so, in case of any Lunusual transactions. Of course, you will definitely need cash at some point, particularly when you first arrive for a taxi or bus, but after that, you will likely need to withdraw more at some time.

When you do, try using the cash machines inside the bank during working hours. The type of fraud we're talking about is called skimming and usually happens in off-peak-hours with ATMs in public areas. Of course, it goes without saying not to take bundles of cash around with you, so just withdraw what you need for a day or two.

Keep important documents close

Keep your most important documents such as our passport in a secure money belt next to your body, especially when using busy public transport like a busy city metro. No one will know it's there and pickpockets won't be able to get access to it. 


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