This is How You Treat Your Smartphone’s Battery Right

Modem smartphones are so well designed that they tend to be tolerant of careless use to a great extent. When it comes to the battery, though, a few careless habits can quickly end up telling on the kind of use that you get out of it. Your smartphone's battery still isn't foolproof. It needs smart handling.

If your phone's battery doesn't seem to last as long as it should, perhaps you can narrow it down to something you're doing. Here are a few phone battery tips that you should follow.

You never turn your phone off

For many people, the only time their phones are ever turned off is when they run out of battery power. Their phones tend to stay on for months at a time between shutdowns. Idling your phone for long stretches of time, though, stresses the battery. Your battery will begin to show signs of aging before its time. It wouldn't be a bad idea to turn off your phone each night. 

Keeping your phone plugged into the charger overnight

Many people feel good about leaving their phones plugged in for hours at a stretch because they feel that they are using their phones directly off wall power. They aren't stressing their battery then. In reality, though, your phone always works on the battery. Leaving it plugged in longer than necessary may stress the battery. It really depends on the model of the phone. If you have an iPhone with a genuine battery, the battery is built to take just the right amount of charge and to remain safe and unstressed.

On other phones, it can be hard to tell what kind of technology is in use. Unless you know for sure that the phone includes overcharging protection circuitry and a genuine battery, it should be safe to simply unplug it as soon as it gets a full charge.

While it may be convenient to plug your phone in when you go to bed and leave it in all night, it's bad for the battery. It won't last as long as it should. You should phone out after a few hours or simply try charging your phone during the day.

Don't use a fake battery or a fake charger

Apple has had a fake charger buyback program called the USB Power Adaptor Takeback Programme for some time now. They take your fake charger and sell you a genuine one at a reportedly electrocuted by her knock-off charger. Fake chargers for phones by other companies have been implicated in serious incidents, too. Fake Samsung chargers have been reported to cause fires in Germany and in Dubai, for instance. If you get a cheap aftermarket battery, you will probably not have overcharging protection. This could be a fire hazard. The idea, then, should be to always go with the genuine article.

Leaving your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on at all times

Your phone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios consume a great deal of battery power. Not only will you make your phone's charge last longer when you turn your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off, but you will also stress your battery-less and simply waste less energy.

You may check out and visit various smartphone sellers and service center providers around Dubai to be more oriented on device care. 


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