Three Tips for Viewing a Property

How to view a Property

Viewing a property that you're interested in buying is an incredibly exciting experience, but it's easy to get carried away in the moment and forget to assess the property objectively.

By preparing in advance and formulating a mental plan-of-action, you give yourself the best chance possible of spotting any red flags. Knowing what to look for before you arrive is important, so here are three tips that will help vou garner as much knowledge as possible from your property viewing venture.

1. Time

When arranging your visit, make sure you give yourself more than enough time to look around. Ideally, any thorough viewing shouldn't take less than 30 minutes. If possible, make your schedule of post-viewing commitments so you don't feel rushed if there's a delay or it runs on longer than expected. Don't feel pressured by estate agents who may be keen to whisk you through the many areas you feel you didn't look at thoroughly enough.

2. Outside

Before you even enter the building you can be assessing the exterior. Cast an eye up to the roof and make a note of any issues with the tiles or guttering and check the walls for cracks or signs of damp. Cracks can often appear around door and window frames and can potentially be a sign of significant structural damage. Aside from the property itself, take in your surroundings. Ascertain what land, if any, comes with the purchase and then judge the immediate area for your personal requirements. Byers with young children, for instance, maybe put off by busy roads.

3. Smell

Many sellers will try to mask major issues with cosmetic Cover-ups. Damp is quite noticeable for the dark patches it leaves on walls as well as for the pungent and recognizable smell it exudes. If you can't smell the damp itself, the odor of fresh paint may be a clue that it's been recently covered up. Cracks in walls are also often masked in this way. The smell of freshly baked bread or strong air fresheners should also be cause for caution. Don't take any overpowering smells at face value. Investigate thoroughly when you're faced with unnatural or incongruous odors, no matter how pleasant.




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