Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation

How  to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Nothing can spoil a vacation like getting sick. Unfortunately, people often fall ill during or after a holiday. This can be due to many factors such as eating the wrong foods and stress due to jet lag. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy so you can enjoy your vacation.

1. Pack Medications and Remedies

Make sure you pack the following on your trip: Any medications you or your family members require. Sunscreen and sunburn reliever. Insect repellant. explore! Vitamins and supplements. If you take any supplements, bring them along. Depending on your destination, it may be easier to buy or replenish supplies when you arrive rather than packing them. The point is, don't forget them or any other specialized remedies you may need.

2. Research Health Risks

If you're taking a long journey, make sure you know about any health risks. Some countries require or recommend certain vaccinations. If there's any question about water safety, make sure you only drink bottled water. Mosquitoes are a danger in some parts of the world. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has a website and newsletter that discusses recent health riskS.

3. Manage Your Internal Clock

This tip is mainly for when you're traveling to a different time zone. However, even a long drive can interfere with your internal clock. Change your schedule ahead of time. Pretend you're in your destination time zone at least three days before you leave. Limit alcohol and caffeine. These can both disrupt your sleep pattern. On the other hand, it's good to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Fly overnight. If you can sleep on the plane, it's easier to adjust to time differences.

4. Pack Healthy Food

Whether your driving or flying, it's tempting to fill up on junk food if you aren't packing healthy snacks. Airports and highways are full of fast food while healthier options are scarce. Hotels often have limited options. Pack healthy sandwiches made from whole grain bread and nut butter, fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, and other nutritious options.

5. Do Your Own Cooking

It's common for people to eat all of their meals out while on vacation, but more are discovering that it's both healthier and more convenient to have access to a kitchen. If you stay at a rental house or apartment or extended stay hotel, you can do your shopping and cooking. Of course, eating out is part of the fun of going on vacation. However, when you can buy your own groceries and cook you have much more control over your diet. You can rather than being compelled to eat out regularly. You can also explore local farmer's markets and stores rather than being stuck eating at touristy restaurants.

6. Maintain your Workouts

Don't use vacation as an excuse to skip workouts. You may need to adjust your exercise regimen to fit the holiday, but you always have some choices. Research your options and figure out the best way to move around. If you're close to nature, you can hike, bike, kayak, or zip line. If you're exploring cities, opt for walking or a bike tour rather than driving or buses. Choose a hotel or resort with yoga classes and a workout room.

7. Get Enough Sleep

You go on vacation to explore new places and have fun, not sleep. It's easy to bum the candle at both ends when possible. You may also be reluctant to go to bed and end your precious vacation days earlier than necessary.


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