Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Ever since we first entered our school years we have been bombarded with tests that promised to measure our intellect and our intelligence. From standard IQ tests to aptitude tests and standardized testing, there are plenty of ways for parents, teachers and others to measure the intellectual capacity of children and adults.

These intelligence tests are important, (you can ask for assistance from various psychologists and counseling experts in Dubai) of course, but they do not tell the entire story.

  • Have you ever wondered why many highly successful people did not distinguish themselves in school?
  • Or why did so many of today's business leaders actually drop out or even flunked out of college?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that intellectual intelligence is only part of the bigger picture. Another important part of what makes us who we are is emotional intelligence, and experts are beginning to understand just how important it really is. intelligence is obviously critical to success in many endeavors.

From business leadership and politics to emotional attachments and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence is incredibly important. That is why it is so important for individuals to understand not only traditional intelligence but emotional intelligence as well.

Emotional Intelligence - A Definition

Emotional intelligence can be somewhat difficult to define since the subject can take on a different meaning for each individual. At its core, however, emotional intelligence handles one's own emotions and understands the emotions and motivations of others. Many people feel that emotional intelligence is a good predictor of success in the workplace, and in fact, some employers have begun to incorporate various emotional intelligence tests into their employee screening and hiring practices. Some also feel that emotional intelligence has a role to play in success at learning.

The relationship between emotional intelligence and learning success is the subject of many studies, but many people have seen a connection. And of course, emotional intelligence can be critical to success in interpersonal relationships.

Every person has different emotional responses and different motivations, and emotional intelligence can help individuals understand those motivations and react appropriately. One of the unique aspects of emotional intelligence is that it can change over time, as individuals experience new things and gain a greater understanding of other people and their emotional needs.

It is important for those with an interest in emotional intelligence to understand that there is more than one part of this type of intelligence. When experts refer to emotional intelligence they are actually speaking of a sophisticated profile that includes such factors as


  • Self-awareness
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social and Interpersonal skills


When measuring emotional intelligence experts assess a vast array of emotional, social, and personal skills and competencies. The competencies and skills being measured have been shown to have a great influence on a person's ability to cope with the problems that life throws our way.

The various aspects that make up emotional intelligence have also been shown to be good predictors of an individual's ability to succeed in a vast array of different ways including on the job, in relationships, in school and in many different areas. Some people have even compared emotional intelligence to what is often referred to as "street smarts", a blanket term used to cover everything from the ability to stay safe in risky areas to the ability to easily and quickly assimilate into different groups of people.

This skill is of course a big advantage in many areas, from the streets to the boardroom to political office. Some people just seem to have a natural ability to interact with others, and a big part of that ability can be attributed to emotional intelligence.

Measuring Emotional Intelligence

As with traditional intelligence, there are many different ways to measure an individuals' emotional intelligence. Just as there are many intelligence quotients or IQ tests, on the market, there are also plenty of competing emotional intelligence, or EQ tests to choose from.


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