Useful Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colours

Painting Tips

The Chinese say that planning is half the job done. Before you visit your local paint store to choose a color to paint your walls, consider the following tips.


Make sure you understand the basic terminology. Hue: Color (e.g., red). Saturation: How dominant the hue is. Brilliance: Intensity. Color schemes: Color wheels help you to try out different color combinations.

Complementary colors combine a primary and secondary color from opposite sides of the color wheel (e.g., red and green or blue and yellow). Analogous colors are either warm (reds, oranges, and Neutrals are colors not included in a color wheel, such as browns, whites, and blacks.

Undertones are arguably the most important aspect to investigate when choosing a color. Almost all colors are mixed, i.e., they have undertones of color that may be different from the predominant color. For instance, if a particular shade gray has a purple undertone, the effect may be different than the cool and soothing one a blue undertone would have.

Personal Choice

The effects of color are both physical and psychological. Individuals have an instinctual response to colors. Some people prefer duller, muted tones, like grey, fawn, brown and pastels; others love vibrant, lively colors, like cerise, shocking pink and bright primary colors.

Be guided by your instinctive response to color and then confirm that it is one you are comfortable with by taking a look at the colors you have chosen for your clothes, accessories, linen, towels, vehicle, etc. If you have difficulties to choose the preferable color, be guided by professional property maintenance services in Dubai. On the Internet you can find free online color tests that purport to identify your color personality.

A Warning About White Walls

Shades of white are not necessarily the best color for a dark room or one with minimal light. According to designer Emily Henderson, white walls need a lot of natural light, otherwise they can look a bit like sterile. Professional photographers use appropriate lighting to get the most flattering pictures of their subject, so you can't always be sure that a photograph of a room with white walls is a true reflection of the color.


After painting one or more sections (make sure you do two Ideally, one should test a color through different seasons when the intensity of the light changes, but that's impractical. Move furniture and decorative items around the room to see how the color looks as a background to different items. If a color doesn't look quite the way you expect it to when you test it, first try a similar color with a different undertone before ditching the color completely.

Testing Paint

Colors Tester pots cost little and save money in the long run. Use multiple tester pots, not only to test your first color choice, but to consider shades you may not expect to look consider donkey brown as an alternative to your main color choice, or try it on a feature wall.

If you're a peacock at heart, and love bright and vibrant colors, consider the soothing alternative of palest buttercup yellow rather than the Alibaba gold that was your first choice. Online Exploration Pinterest fans regularly upload favorite color schemes and painting projects. Browse an eclectic mix of ideas to inspire you.

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