Yes, You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Why you need to Hire a Professional Photographer

You're a small business, perhaps a start-up. You've got a product to sell and a story to tell. Maybe you're moving through a big online retailer like eBay or Amazon. Perhaps you're meeting with people from local stores or even big national chains, trying to get your product onto the shelves.

Maybe your company is planning an official release party and a splashy rollout, or perhaps you've been selling quietly and building the business, and you want to continue increasing sales. You need marketing and publicity, but first and foremost, you need a professional photographer on your team.

Selling Online

Using a computer or mobile device, more and more people are buying online because it's so quick and easy. However, Customers are always at risk because they can't see and touch the products they're thinking about purchasing. They can't operate the moving parts, touch the products, or examine them. They can't be sure they're going to be the color they appear to be on-screen. All they have to judge the product by is the photos.

When you sell online, your photos do double duty. They don't just help define your brand, they present and explain to your customers by establishing a feeling of familiarity and understanding, and by striking the right chords, stylistically. Only an experienced commercial photographer can be depended upon to produce photos that will capture both style and functionality effectively.

Selling to Stores

Getting a new product onto store shelves is very difficult. It takes charm, finesse, a reliable product, and flawless marketing. When you sell to store samples of your product will be the most effective tool, but you need to get your foot in the door first. Introduce yourself and provide some easily mailed and e-mailed marketing materials. Prove that you can give something of value AND persuade the Customers to give it a try.

High-quality photos that show your product to its best advantage and establish your brand identity will play an essential role in getting it onto the shelves.

Events and Milestones

Now more than ever, your product's story is essential to your marketing plan. In many cases that's the story of your company and yourself, aswell. To tell your story, you need to document critical events. You need words, but you also need pictures that catch the excitement of creating a new company or new product. 


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