3 Ways to Find Inner Happiness

3 Ways to Find Inner Happiness

Steps to find Inner Happiness

It's easy to find reasons to have a negative attitude. The real challenge is relying on yourself to find reasons to be happy. This requires exercising mental discipline and refusing to play the role of the victim. If you want to learn how to stay positive in a negative world, check out the following four strategies

Make happiness for yourself and other people your number 1 goal.

Not everyone may feel comfortable making happiness their top goal. They may think that wanting to feel positive is too naive, if it's even possible. Or, they may feel guilty for wanting to be hand when so many people in the world, Unfortunately, these ideas are barriers to happiness. If you really want to do something, like feeling happy, the first step is to believe that it is possible.

2. Question your dysfunctional beliefs.

An example of a dysfunctional belief is that it's not really possible to have a positive attitude because there will always be something to feel sad about. Maybe that opinion is right and maybe it isn't. However, most people would agree that it won't help you feel happy about your life. So, it makes sense to question that belief, then see whether you can replace it with one that will make you happier. For example, you can choose to believe that it is possible to have a positive attitude because there will always be something to feel good about. Look for other unhelpful beliefs that pop into your mind and think about how you can work on them to improve your outlook.

3. Take control of your life.

Again, going back to the first point, making happiness your #1 goal implies that you have some control over it. For example, you can't make getting rainy weather tomorrow a goal, because you have no control over it. Likewise, if you want to have a positive attitude that will make you feel happy, you have to accept that only you control your happiness and your attitude. To pick a more specific application, some people believe their debt is totally out of their control. They believe it has built up too high and they now just have to suffer because of it.

As long as they believe that, they are not going to have a positive attitude because they are letting an outside force control how they feel. If you are in this situation, you first have to decide that you will not let being in debt control your attitude, because you can still choose to have a positive attitude despite this problem. Then, you need to focus on the things you can do to make the situation better. For example, you can also pay off the debt which has the highest interest rate first in order to slow the process of mounting interest charges down. You can choose to make paying your monthly bills a priority. 

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