5 Important Ways Small Business Owners Can Stay Positive No Matter What

5 Important Ways Small Business Owners Can Stay Positive No Matter What

Tips for Small Business Owners to Stay Positive

It's easy to stay positive when the dice are rolling your way. It's much harder to look at the bright side of life when your startup is in the red, deals aren't working out, and your employees look like they're ready to bail. You look to the news, and there's nothing but gloom and doom waiting for you. Despite all this, you must not only persevere, but stay positive as well. Just trudging alone isn't going to work, not for you, and not for the employees who'll take their cue from you.

You need a positive mindset and a great mood to get the best out of yourself. Here are 5 ways you can stay upbeat even when you are looking down. However, as a small business owner, you may not always have time for coffee with a friend. Fortunately, there's someone who's always with you - yourself. When you're feeling down, take a moment to pump yourself up.

1. Talk yourself up.

Tell yourself that you can do it, that you've got what it takes. You can even sing an upbeat song to get the energy flowing. Do what you need to do to turn up the heat.

2. Stay Away from Draining People and Events

When the chips are down, you often need time to focus on yourself. You need to gather your energies so you can get the upbeat engine running again. Unfortunately, there are people and things that can and will drain you, preventing you from ever building up momentum. These people and things aren't bad, but they're not something you should handle So stay away from draining people and events unless it's related to the business. Focus your energies on getting your own car running before dealing with someone else's.

3. Enjoy Yourself More

Get bombarded by enough bad news and you'll| start thinking that everything is bad. It doesn't matter how strong your will is - if you don't hear anything you like for long enough, often enough, you'll stop believing in a better tomorrow. Fortunately, you have a choice in what you experience. Take some time each day to find joy in your life. Find something you enjoy and do it every now and then. Watch a funny video, send a message to a friend, or walk in a park you like. Do something that makes you smile, and you may find that you can handle your problems a lot better.

4. Redefine Failure and Success

The words you use matter. Use the right words, and your brain will automatically associate things with it. Call yourself "lazy" and it'll be hard to fight off lethargy. However, call yourself "unmotivated" and it'll often provoke you into finding motivation, which can get your engine running. Failure shouldn't be primarily referred to by that word. It's a learning opportunity, a chance for you and your team to grow. This will let you handle failure and challenges from a healthier mental and emotional state. As an added bonus, you'll probably be under less stress as a result.

5. Have Patience

One of the hardest things you can see is someone doing better than you. While many people will tell you to simply focus on yourself and not compare yourself to other small business owners, there will be times when you can't help but take a glance. And for many people who haven't quite made it yet, it will hurt. Whether you want the thoughts to happen or not, you might start thinking that you'll never make it, that success is meant for other people. These thoughts are deadly to your productivity and morale, and must be handled immediately. One of the best ways to do so is to embrace patience. 

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