5 Social Media Ad Platforms You Might Not Be Using

5 Social Media Ad Platforms You Might Not Be Using

Social Media Ad Platforms

For businesses to truly make the most from social media, it is vital they invest in advertising. Most businesses will have experimented with Facebook ads, but there are many other platforms that can offer a positive ROI. This article looks at some of the social media platforms you should be advertising on.

Advertising on social media has revolutionized the fortunes of numerous businesses. There are businesses that have relied solely on a small number of social platforms to build an audience, ignoring other traditional forms of advertising. While relying on limited traffic sources can be risky, there are so many social users that it is possible to reach your ideal audience.

Social sites typically have detailed demographic information, allowing businesses to target in a highly specific way. The most obvious social media ad platform is Facebook, with the largest user base and a mature ad platform. The following sites can also be used in an ad campaign, helping to diversify traffic sources.

1. Linkedin professionals

There is a high level of targeting, so you need to consider the type of people you want to attract before setting up ads. Content marketing can work well on Linkedin, placing a sponsored post within the news feed. Alternatively, you could use text ads to grab the attention with an eye-catching headline.

2. Reddit

Reddit has a diverse community of users, allowing for highly specific targeting. The site is ignored by many marketers, but it has good potential for the right businesses. Some Reddit users are reluctant to engage with ads, though, so you may struggle with certain subreddits. It is worth avoiding advertising on the homepage as it is untargeted, but look for an appropriate subreddit to your niche. You can start with a low ad spend, increasing as you start to see results.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that typically responds well to advertising. Effective advertising fits well with the Pinterest format, allowing browsers the opportunity to discover brands as they scroll. Businesses can create Promoted Pins, making use of a variety of formats and sizes. The main content could be an image or video, with the text promoting a Pinterest profile or taking a user to another website.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat reaches a younger demographic that is typically hard to reach. If you are struggling to reach Millennials with your offers Snapchat advertising might be an option. You could run an eye-catching video ad to grow your brand. Alternatively, you could promote an app or direct viewers to your website. There are various other options that focus on Snapchat features, including lens and filter advertising.

5. Instagram Influencers

Instagram is owned by Facebook, with a large user base. If you have considered social advertising, you have probably looked into Instagram. However, many businesses have not focused on influencer marketing. There are countless influencers on Instagram, targeting different audience segments. 

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