6 Useless Things You Use Every Day

6 Useless Things You Use Every Day

Some products are great, and some simply do not work. Knowing the difference between the two categories could save you a lot of time and reduce the clutter around your home, this blog takes a look at some useless products that are best left out of your home.

A simple trip to the grocery store or discount retailer can seem like an overwhelming experience, with thousands of products vying for your attention and fancy packaging encouraging you to buy, buy and buy some more. But how mar of those seemingly valuable products are a waste of time?

More than you would think. If you are like most people, you are probably using lots of things that are actually pretty worthless. Eliminating these money wasters from your life can put more dollars in your wallet and let you concentrate on the things that really do work. Here are some useless products you may be using every day.

Citronella candles - If you have been burning citronella candles to keep mosquitoes at bay, you could be wasting your money and giving yourself, and your guests, a false sense of security. While the citronella scent may have some swap out that smelly, and expensive, citronella for a pleasant scented candle - your nose will thank you.

Low-fat foods - It would be nice if low-fat foods could turn your chubby body into a svelte one, but there is no magic bullet. Low-fat foods are often packed with added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, so do yourself a favor and focus on developing better eating habits. 

Rental car insurance - If you charge your rental car to a credit card, you are probably already covered for an accident. Check with your credit card issuer and skip the high-cost rental car insurance.

Flavored water - A lemon costs 25 cents, so why would you spend three bucks for 16 ounces of water with a splash of lemon? Bottled water, in general, is pretty useless, but flavored water is even more so. Just buy a refillable bottle, a couple of lemons, and maybe an orange or two and make your own delicious flavored water.

Cold remedies - If you treat your cold with zinc and other magic cures, your symptoms will go away in a week. If you do nothing, you will feel better in seven days. The science is just not there, and there is no scientific proof that these expensive cold remedies really work, so spend
your money on chicken soup instead.

Vitamin pills - Taking lots of vitamins will give you very expensive urine, but it will not do much to improve your health. There is no substitute for a good diet, and all the supplements in the world will not make up for a diet filled with fast food and added sugar.

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