Benefits of the Coconut

The coconut is considered by most to be a fruit of the tropical variety, a cousin of the papaya, and the pineapple. While the origin of the coconut has been the subject of much debate the coconut's travels have apparently been widespread over the centuries-most people locate the coconut's country of origin as being somewhere in Indonesia.

Before it was considered a healthy food, coconuts were used as weapons, masks, and shields. Once the discovery was made that coconuts were indeed edible, they quickly became a primary source of fat in Islander diets, which consist largely of fish, fruits, and plants. If you are wondering from where you can buy those coconuts, we have a huge listings of healthy food stores in our directory to choose.

Coconuts may well have been one of the original treats of Islander diets because of their sweet juice/milk. Even today, some island cultures refer to the coconut tree as the tree of the soul. There are coconut scented moisturizers, sunscreens, candles, and body sprays.

Coconut pulp (meat) is found in dessert frostings and trail mixes. For a number of years now, the coconut has been the subject of great debate and controversy. In some ways, the coconut has suffered the fate as the great (on ongoing) egg debate. The source of this controversy exists primarily between those communities that promote homeopathic and natural remedies and more scientific communities that prefer to conduct years of study before promoting any definitive answer with regard to the overall nutritional value and health benefit of any food, not just the coconut.

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