Five Business Skills That Benefit from International Travel

Five Business Skills That Benefit from International Travel

Business Skills That Benefit from International Travel

Whether it's visiting beaches, ski slopes, museums, or restaurants, most people like to do as much traveling as they can. Unfortunately, vacation days are a valuable commodity.

Try convincing them about these five skills that will be noticeably better by the time you come back with a suntan and jet lag.

1. Negotiation Skills

There are ways to get a special deal that can both parties if you're just a little bit creative about it. Get those upgrades at a price that makes you both happy, and remember that experience next time your firm is in merger talks.

2. Cross-Cultural Communication

Just because you're both talking in English doesn't mean you're speaking the same language. You'll learn that sizes and priorities are all relevant, and you won't get the right answer if you're asking the wrong question. Once you can leam to think like someone who is different than you, your communication with them will be a lot better. This will come in very handy when you're the only salesman who connects with the client on a personal level.

3. Exchange Rate Calculation

There's obviously an app for that, but sometimes exchange rates are more than just numbers. Converting money into your currency lets you know the value of something to you, but not necessarily to others. A few dinners paid for with Euros will make you understand why that company always wants a discount before they place an order.

4. Time Zone Scheduling

Expecting someone to stay at work an hour late for a conference call doesn't seem like too big of a deal, and it usually isn't. But, if you have to dial in for a few while you're visiting that time zone, you might start to realize exactly how it cuts into your evening. Those voices on the phone are people too, and they might appreciate it if you Occasionally get in the office an hour early to alternate the meetings. Happy employees make healthy bottom lines.

5. Personalized Talking Points

When potential business partners are visiting from a faraway nation, they probably feel a little homesick. Taking them to the Brazilian restaurant in town is nice, but it touches a personal note when you tell them which juice bar was your favorite when you visited Rio. 

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