Easy Ways to Downsize and Organize Your Home

Easy Ways to Downsize and Organize Your Home

Organizing Your Home

Not everyone has the privilege of living in a big house, but those who do may actually downsize for several reasons. After all, a smaller home means lower utility bills, less physical space to collect clutter and simpler home organization requirements.

Compared to a regular move, however, downsizing can be more physically and mentally exhausting. The idea alone can turn off many a homeowner who otherwise yearns for a cleaner, more compact and lower-maintenance home. Thus. when it has to be done, it must be done as systematically and realistically as possible.

If you've been planning to move to a smaller house, here are five handy tips to help you start on the right path and get you through the process: Make a list of all your stuff moving to a new home, especially a smaller one. Take stock of everything you Own and decide which ones you want to keep, throw out, donate or sell.

While you're at it, you can contact to transport companies in Dubai to quickly move all your packages to the new location,  throw out your birth certificate, but if you're keeping concert tickets or tissue paper from your first date with your first love, it might be time to reflect on what really matters- at least, as far as your downsizing agenda is concerned.

Minimize and digitize when possible

Sometimes you have too much stuff simply because you have multiple copies of the same thing. Your kitchen or pantry organizer is probably the best testament to this. Who needs 15 bread knives? when it comes to documents, cassettes, videos, pictures, and other media, always remember, you can digitize most of them.

Just keep hard copies of the essentials, like your social security card, your birth certificate or your marriage certificate. The rest can be converted into digital files for more space-efficient safekeeping.

Maximize storage spaces

When it comes to downsizing and organizing your home, storage areas are your best pals. Under your bed, those built-in shelves and closet organizers, your ottomans interior - these are all spaces you can take advantage of to maximize your home's storage capacity. 

If necessary, use some of those nifty closet accessories. Sometimes the trick is not having a bigger home, but a home that comes with just enough strategically designed spaces to keep your stuff safe, well-organized and easy to find. If you don't have enough space, you coyld use our directory to find storage services in dubai.

Stick to the one-year rule

We're all guilty of holding on to things we don't need just because we think we might need them someday. Sometimes it makes sense; other times, we're just hoarding junk. How do you know the difference? If you haven't used the thing in the last year, you likely won't use it next year - or ever.

So let go of that Aida doth you bought five years ago in China. It will probably never get cross-stitched on. And that little black dress you haven't used since 10th grade may never even fit you again, so why not give it up? It's just stuff, remember. Sell your stuff online. After deciding to sell some of your things, you might be considering having a yard sale like the others, but there's a better option: Ise e-tailers where you can make more bang for your buck. 

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