Have a Great Holiday on a Budget

Have a Great Holiday on a Budget

Holiday on a Budget

If you have to tighten your belt, it's easy to think that means cutting out your holiday or choosing a cheaper destination than you'd wanted. But savvy travel planning and buying can help you stretch your funds and have a great Flights can account for a big chunk of holiday costs, so use the internet to search for the best prices.

-Sites like Kayak, Skyscanner, and Momondo can help you find the cheapest fares, particularly if you can be flexible about dates. You may also find a "region" search useful; rather than specifying a city, you can search for a country or region. Flights with long layovers can sometimes be the best bargains, which is good if you have enough time to eat in a day

-Avoid baggage surcharges by packing to fit the regulations on size, weight and number of packs, and check the costs of getting to airports like Beauvais (for Paris) before you make a decision. It's tempting to book accommodation ahead using the web, but this isn't always the cheapest option, particularly if you are heading for low-cost countries like India or Thailand.

-Use travel guides like Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, or backpacker blogs, to compare the cost of accommodation sourced on the spot against the deals you see night's stay online, and then search around for a deal. Besides, then you can see where you're going to stay.

Tourist attractions and day trips are not always cheap. Check out what you can do for free, and whether using local Europe have one free day a month, though it's often crowded. Other attractions are free, such as cathedrals in France and the national museums in the UK. You may find that many sites have online booking rates which offer you considerable saving.

Some cities also offer cards or multi-site tickets that deliver savings, but read the terms carefully to make sure they suit your itinerary. for set lunch deals particularly in districts where there are plenty of local office workers looking for a good, inexpensive lunch. Go a little bit outside the tourist district and you'll find better prices and more local food. Street food can also be a great option if it's freshly cooked. 

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