Increasing Disposable Cash Flow for Personal Use

Increasing Disposable Cash Flow for Personal Use

Has the amount of money do you have each month for discretionary spending shrunken to practically nothing? Would you like to have more money to spend each month? Take a look at the suggestions and see if one of the cost-reducing strategies will work for you.

For many consumers, increasing disposable cash flow for personal use on discretionary purchases is important, even if it has proven to be difficult. Most people's due to higher living expenses and income levels that have remained the same as they were the previous year. Everything costs more these days. but with incomes that have not increased at all, few people can afford to indulge in discretionary purchases. Fortunately, a few strategies of disposable cash.

Insurance Deductibles

Increasing the deductible to a higher number decreases the cost of the insurance to the policyholder. While it is true that you will spend more to cover the cost of the deductible should you increase it and later place an insurance claim, the likelihood that you are going to place a claim might be minimal enough to merit the change. Consider how many times you have previously put in an insurance claim to assist you with this decision. You could save a lot of money over the years with this one simple change that you can place on your car, recreational vehicle, or home insurance policy.

Federal Withholding Tax

Many consumers receive a nice refund check on their federal withholding tax each year. While it is nice to receive a large sum of money each year, it makes more sense to transform this lump sum into smaller amounts of money that can be used throughout the year.

Consumers can free up a small amount of disposable cash for personal use each month simply by changing their tax withholding status. For example, if you typically receive a federal withholding tax refund of $2,400 each year, changing your tax withholding status could turn that into an extra $200 each month. Before making any changes to your tax withholding status, do the math and determine exactly what you should be claiming. It is important not to lower your tax withholding status too much or you will end up owing money at the end of the year.

Premium Cable Services

Cable television services are expensive even if you just purchase the full-service package. Once you add on several premium channels, the cost of your cable television bill is versus which aspects of your cable television service you are actually using. Perhaps you aren't using as much of it as you think you are. If that is the case, you can easily eliminate a few premium cable services to increase the amount of your monthly disposable cash.

Landline Features

If you have a landline phone in your home or apartment, you probably also have several different features such as call waiting and call forwarding for which you pay an additional monthly fee. While some of these features are convenient to have, eliminating those that you do not use frequently can free up some disposable cash for you. You should take a good look at your phone bill and determine whether or not you can afford to trim some of the features of the service.

Some consumers have eliminated their landline entirely due to the fact that several family members own cell phones. If you aren't using your landline, then doing away with it might be a feasible option to free up some disposable cash.

Trash and Recycling Services

If you live in an area of the country where you must pay for your own trash and recycling services, you could be paying for more than you need. Visit your trash company's website or make a phone call to ask about existing options for your trash services. Some trash companies offer more than one level of service, so it is possible that you may be able to reduce your cost for this service. If you are a senior citizen, it is possible that you can receive a discount on your trash service expense.

While some cost-reducing strategies will bring about large other strategies will only provide a small saving. However, combining more than one cost-reducing strategy will easily lead to a monthly increase in disposable cash that can be used for personal purchases.

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