Keeping Positive Following Redundancy

Keeping Positive Following Redundancy

Day after day, you go to work and complete the same tasks over and over again. Nothing really interesting seems to happen, and there is rarely anything to look forward to. You dread going to work, as you feel bored and challenged: yet, you know you must do it because you have a family to support, and bills to pay. Though you are feeling this way about your job, take heart in knowing there are ways you can remain positive while following redundancy.

1. Reward Yourself at the End of Your Workweek

Doing this will motivate you whenever you feel bored or tired at the office. You could remind yourself that there is a reward that is coming and that you must work hard at your job in order to get that reward. Watch a movie at the theatre with your loved ones, buy a new book, go for a hot air balloon ride, go for a spa by accessing Dubai SPA Providers or Dubai Beauty Saloons treat that appeals to you. If you keep your eye on the prize all throughout the week, things won't feel so horrible. You'll actually feel more positive about going to work and following the redundancy that you do day in and day out.

2. Make Your Lunch Break Fun

Using your lunch break for a time of fun will break up the boring day with something that is of interest to you. You can bring along one of your favorite books, bring a portable DVD player to watch one of your favorite flicks, do crossword puzzles if you like them, or go on your laptop. While these are just some suggestions of what you can do to make your lunch break fun, feel free to be as creative as you'd like. The idea is to throw in something fun so you are not suffering from a day of solid boredom.

3. Have Fun with Friends on The Job

Do you have any particular coworkers you enjoy associating with? Is there anyone on the job you find appealing? If so, work with them regularly. This will not only enable you to look forward to going to work, as things are always better when you are with people you like, but you can make the workday fun.

You can have wholesome conversations with one another. You can even joke around throughout the entire day. Something else you can do is have a contest with one another on who has the best work performance, even if the boss has not created such a thing. One could be the unbiased judge and select the winner each week or month, however often you and your coworkers decide to run contests. The winner can be rewarded with money that all of you set aside in a pot, or with a gift certificate that all of you purchase together. Along with the contests, you can decorate the office each time the seasons change. This will not only allow you to have a change of scenery but will make the work environment much more inviting. You and your coworkers can go out together, select what decorations you'll wish to use, and make it an exciting project that all of you will work on together. Even if your coworkers are not interested in decorating the office, it shouldn't stop you from doing it on your own. Decorating solo will give you more flexibility with your creativity and will allow you to have as much fun with it as you'd like.

4. Find Fun Things to Do During Slow Work Periods

If your job is slow, and there are many times when you'll find yourself sitting and doing nothing, you can read a magazine or book, or you can surf the net. You can even play computer games. All you must do is to be sure you do not get too carried away with your fun to the point of compromising your work performance. If you keep things in check, you'll be fine. 

5. Keep Your Eye on The Biggest Prize of All -- Your Paycheck

When you get that check in your hand, it always feels good. Somehow, you forget all about how boring your job is. All you can think about is how happy you are to have money of your own. So, when the job gets depressing, just motivate yourself by thinking of that paycheck you'll eventually be holding in your hand. Think about how it feels so good to have your own money which, in turn, gives you your independence. When you think about all these things, you'll know that following redundancy is really worth it. Your boring job gives you the tools you need to be free from relying on others, as well as the means to take care of your financial obligations. How wonderful it feels to earn your own money and have independence.

So, if you are on the job, and you are sick of following redundancy, it would do you well to implement all the above suggestions. You'll notice that when you put them into practice, work will not seem so boring and depressing. You'll feel much better about going to work, and the dread will disappear. No more will you feel like you have to watch the clock, waiting for the time to come when you'll clock out and go home. You'll no longer have trouble getting out of bed in the morning due to feelings.

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