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Tips to Make Your Fundraiser a Stellar Success

Tips to Make Your Fundraiser a Stellar Success

Without fundraising events, charitable organizations wouldn't have the exposure and support they need. However, when organizing an event, attention to certain aspects can make or break your success. Ensure you get the most for your cause by being informed, creative, and proactive.

Organized and executed well, fundraisers raise vast amounts of money, awareness, and support for worthy causes. However, the success of fundraisers depends on many factors. Some of these aspects are simple yet invaluable. With a little attention and creative thinking, these things will help make your next event a stellar success.

Familiarize Yourself with the Cause

Knowing the cause you are working to raise money for is the first part of your job. It may seem obvious, but it goes deeper. Surprisingly, people who organize fundraisers often know little more than the basics about the cause itself. It's important to know more than the name and some general information about it. 

People are generous. However, before they give, they want to know not only whom they're paying, but also what they are paying for. Be prepared for questions about specific issues. For example, if you raise money for an organization such as the March of Dimes, it's not enough to know that mothers deliver healthy babies. You should also know they provide scholarships to students of nursing and that projects. If you are organizing a car wash for your child's school, the money doesn't just go to the soccer team. It pays for uniforms, trophies, or for food and lodging during out-of-town tournaments. The more informed people are, the more likely they are to donate.

Cater to Your Audience

When planning a fundraiser, you want to make sure your event type matches your audience/donors. You cannot host a thousand-dollar-per-plate dinner and expect single middle-class mothers to attend. Give them a simple, lovely, intend to go after high-end donors, make sure you give them a high-end experience. Fundraisers are like businesses you have to sell the right product to the right people. If you're selling to the average person, you want to average fundraisers during which people can contribute without the worry of draining their wallets. If you can connect people with an event by lifestyle, wallet size, and even personality type, people are likely to feel comfortable and eager to help.

Solicit Help

Local businesses are often willing to help fundraising efforts. While they may or may not be reluctant to give money outright, they are usually generous in other ways. Donations by businesses not only help your cause but also bring positive attention and potential customers to the businesses. Pick up the phone, hit the pavement, and send out emails asking for donations of goods and services.

Think of things like banners from printing services, chair and table rentals from party stores, musicians, as well as prizes for raffles. Think outside the obvious parameters. Ask car dealerships for oil change vouchers, bicycle shops for tires, and other things that people will use.

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