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Top 4 Sketchbook Brands for Any Artist

Top 4 Sketchbook Brands for Any Artist

Artists are always looking for that perfect medium. The perfect tool, the perfect topic, the perfect acrylic set, the perfect easel, and of course, the perfect sketchbook. Here are the top 4 sketchbook brands for any artist,beginner or experienced. Brands listed: Royal and Langnickel, Strathmore, Moleskine, and Mead

Most artists remember their first sketchbook. It could have been a gift as a child, or a conscious purchase when they were older and beginning their foray into the art world. At the time, the brand, paper, texture, and overall aesthetic probably didn't matter much. It was simply a medium used to express creativity. However, as you harnessed your skills and began to experiment, the personal value of vour sketchbook increased. For the manifestation of your art, you wanted only the best. There are sketchbooks out there for every type of artist and every form of art. Here are five of the best brands, in no particular order.


Royal and Langnickel

They specialize in painting, and the majority of their products are paint oriented. However, you may stumble across a sketchbook from them on Amazon and the like. Their Hardcover 110-Sheet Sketchbook is one of the best, with thick and textured pages that are able to withstand ink, pen, copic markers, and especially acrylic and watercolor paints. This sketchbook is perfect for artists that focus on paint and ink because of the durability of the pages.

For artists looking for an aesthetically pleasing sketchbook, it comes in multiple colors and is bound as a book would be, making it perfect for photos as well.



Starthmore is another highly respected brand. While their sketchbooks are not as well suited for acrylics and watercolors as Royal and Langnickel, the paper of their sketchbooks, particularly the Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Paper Pads, is superior for graphite sketches. The finer texture of the paper also gives Strathmore an advantage for beginner artists, asit is more receptive to erasing and does not smudge as easily. The aforementioned Strathmore 400 Series comes in a variety of larger sizes, making them more suitable for stationary drawing and easels than portable settings.



A serious rival to Royal and Langnickel's history, Moleskine's have a serious history behind them. After their creation in 1997, they rose to superstardom because of their incredible aesthetic appeal and luxurious feel. Considered a luxury notebook maker, Moleskine certainly deserves a place on this list. Among their greatest of creations is the Moleskine Volant, perfectly small at 2.5 by 4 inches and yet large enough even your most grand ideas. Moleskines are inherently perfect for ink and pencil or graphite, although they can hold watercolor fairly well. Whether a budding artist or an experienced one, everyone should have one Moleskine in their collection.



When you think of Mead, you might think of office supplies. That's fair enough, but to discount the brand's fantastic sketchbooks is doing yourself a disservice, let alone the brand. They have a fantastic sketchbook line, perfect for pen and pastel.

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