Top 6 Content Ideas for Brands Using Instagram

Top 6 Content Ideas for Brands Using Instagram

Content Ideas for Brands

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is a thriving social media platform. The visual nature of the site makes it perfect for brands looking to promote themselves and their products. Sharing and engagement factors also help good content reach a targeted audience though, it is easy to become jaded and images can lose some of their impact. The following content ideas can help prevent your page become too predictable, while also reaching a wide array of users who respond to different approaches.

1. Product Showcase

Many businesses like to promote their brand through abstract associations and emotions. It can be effective, however, to focus heavily on your products. Taking professional photographs of your products can make them desirable, increasing demand and growing interest.

2. Motivation

Motivational posts are shared frequently on Instagram, with a particular emphasis on quotes. There are various quote sites online that let you search by keyword or niche. You can find a number of quotes, phrases, and sayings that relate to your niche and post them sporadically.

3. User Content

User content offers social proof, with actual buyers showcasing your products. You could request users to send images directly to you, but you can often find examples by searching for designated hashtags. As you start to post content from users, other people will naturally start to send their own images for a chance to be featured on your page.

4. Charity and Awareness

Businesses often get involved with causes, helping to raise money and spread awareness. You don't necessarily need to ask your followers for anything, but showing the work you have been doing can be informative and inspiring.

5. Stories

The Instagram Stories feature offers the chance to create quick videos for followers. You could provide a sneak peek at an upcoming launch, a behind the scenes look at your office, or an interview with a relevant influencer. Stories offer a different type of content that can offer high levels of engagement.

6. Live Events

Hosting a live event can provide a great opportunity for Instagram content. A live event could involve launching a product, training students, or even a party used for branding purposes. You can take pictures of attendees and make videos of speeches, choosing the best content for your posts.

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