Two Reasons to Go Vegan

Two Reasons to Go Vegan

Two Reasons to Go Vegan

As more people from different walks of life look for a more ethical lifestyle and diet, veganism is becoming increasingly popular. Vegans look to avoid using any products or eating any foods that animals may have been harmed to produce. The reasons why people tum vegan is as varied and individual as the people themselves, but here are two of the most popular.

1. For the planet

The industry surrounding the production of meat and animal products is incredibly harmful to the environment. A vegan society would need significantly lower amounts of water and crops to provide food for the population than currently required to feed animals reared for their meat or produce.

Millions of acres of farmland around the world are currently being used to produce feed for the animal's people eat. If more people were vegan, societies worldwide would be more incentivized to grow food only for their own populations. The impact this would have, particularly in developing nations, would be huge. The fight against deforestation would also greatly benefit from the spread of veganism.

The smaller space needed for the facilitation of vegan diets and lifestyles would enable Countries to regrow healthy sections of natural wilderness that have been taken over by industry. The effect the meat and animal product industry has on the environment has been Lunderstated for too long but luckily the argument for veganism seems to be spreading and changes can already be seen.

2. For the animals

Preventing harm to animals is probably the most often cited reason for becoming vegan. The meat and animal product industry has often been found guilty of terrible practices that subject the animals under their care to great physical and mental harm. Vegans believe that humans shouldn't cause any unnecessary suffering to any living creatures as a matter of principle. Becoming vegan is an easy and immensely effective way to make a stand against the denial of animals' basic rights to freedom and life. Animals raised and/or killed for the meat or animal product industry often experience extreme malnutrition, pain, distress, and fear.

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