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What Will Be the Legacy You Leave Behind?

What Will Be the Legacy You Leave Behind?

This blog touches on some sensitive topics like social injustice and starvation. The purpose, though, is not to project judgment or even to suggest that anything in particular, should be done. The tone of the article is simply posing questions for each individual to ask himself-when considering his legacy and the way he will be remembered.


What will your legacy be when your physical body is no longer here and the memory of you is all there is to demonstrate everything you once were and achieved in life? 

By what scale are your achievements measured, and have each of your moments amounted to something sacred that can be cherished and passed down to future generations?


It's way too easy to get caught up in societal demands. Every moment seems as if it's spent either catching up on deadlines or setting aside for a future goal. It all seems to work in the here and now and maybe even for a nest egg, but when you really stop to consider what it is that you're leaving behind - not only for your own family but for mankind as a whole - a lot of what you try to accomplish in this life seems somewhat insignificant judgments on those things. They all serve their purpose. People like to have nice things, and if you can afford them, there's no reason why you shouldn't. Isn't there more, though? 

You're just one person. For every person who doesn't have a voice, another person does. For every human being who is going to a comfortable bed with a full stomach, there is another starving and facing the outside elements.

This piece is not intended to invoke guilt or suggest that you should take any action whatsoever. The purpose, though, is to make you think. When you consider historical occurrences and the individuals or groups associated with them, you can't help but realize that all great things started with a single idea. Every amazing thing that's ever happened began with one individual having a thought and taking the first step to accomplishing something greater.


What is it that you're doing with your time?

In the grand scheme of things does the majority of that into which you're investing your time and resources serve a greater good?

Will it carry on your name for generations to come?


These questions are not posed with any predisposed opinion of the answer. You may be investing all of your time and resources into creating an enterprise or a dynasty that will sustain thousands of lives for years to come.

You may be caring for an ancient treasure that has been passed down through your family for centuries. These questions are simply intended to provide food for thought. You may have wondered, "What could I do to make a difference in the lives of others?" You may have something very specific in mind. One of the hardest things is to have an epic goal that's so grand that you're unable to fathom the manner in which it would ever be accomplished. Don't be afraid to get simple. Break every aspect of what your dream entails down to its simplest form and requirements. At some point, there's somewhere you can start.

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